Minggu, 05 Juli 2020

leave something for the sake of Allah..

The Hadist says that when you leave something for the sake of Allah then Allah will reward you with something better
Have I ever mentioned that I'm on the last step of a scholarship's selection before? well, I've planned to tell you about it completely if I got the final result. But, since the scholarship selection has been postponed due to coronavirus, I can't write the complete experience right now. hopefully, the interview will be held soon, wish me luck! 

COVID-19 affects everything, changes many things. Because of COVID-19, we have to change our life planning: housing, children's education, and so on. 

two years ago, we moved to an apartment because we wanted our children to get an education at Madrasah Istiqlal. but since COVID-19, and we did School from Home, living in an apartment made them can't explore and play around. you know a kid needs to run, climb, jump, etc. This condition makes us have to think about the possibility of moving to the house. the real house. and the fact that now I get Work From Home, which means that I can be at home more frequently than before, it makes the moving-to-the-house-thing being more necessary.

So, my husband and I agreed to sell our house there, and buy a new house in another place that was not flooded. Since we bought that house by mortgage and being struggled to pay it off before the due date, so we can be free from riba, we want to sell that house on a lower price and don't accept conventional mortgage, cash payment is preferred. 

We've made house selling advertisements on OLX and maybe just because we put the price too low, many people got interested in the house although We made information about the flooded thing and also the water condition.

After several people came and went, We got a serious buyer that wanted to buy my house. But since she didn't have enough money, she planned to get some loan from the bank. Known her loan, that also meant that it would be another riba thing, We were being doubtful. We knew that We were not being the loan witness, but We knew where the money came from. My husband, after asked his friend, said that as long as we didn't be the witness that signed in the contract document, it inshaAllah would be oke.

long story short, without any downpayment, we are waiting for her money disbursement. a week after the agreement, We listened to an online study about antiriba by Yu San. on that occasion, we asked the ustadz about what if we sold the house to the person who got the money from riba. and the ustadz said that we should not do that. the other participant also told us if he sold the car with a higher price after decided not to sell the car to another person that would pay with riba.

This is the answer to our doubts.

I contacted her and canceled the agreement after explained the reason and apologized. I know it will be tough for her. if there's a penalty fee, I will help her. I think this is the best decision for us. I avoid her from the riba, also I get the peace in my heart.

as the hadist says "when you leave something for the sake of Allah then Allah will reward you with something better".

I believe that. there is absolutely no doubt.

what about housing?
I have followed Allah's orders, I believe Allah will arrange it for me. No doubt.

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