Jumat, 03 Juli 2020

let's start English writing!

since I learned about "adab menuntut ilmu" in Bengkel Diri, and then I had a random discussion with my Junior at the office about what will we learn then? finally, I try to learn about English writing.
yups.. "the only way to start something is by START it NOW!". I know I have to learn English writing and speaking and etc but till now, what I always do is doing some TOEFL exercise.. haha.. never try to write, yet speak..
so, by now, although I know I will make a lot of mistakes in writing, but it's OK.. let's just start it, and learning by doing, right?
please for everyone who finds some mistakes in my post, don't hesitate to correct me. I would like it if you do so..

ah.. don't be afraid, I still will write many posts in Bahasa..
English version only will be posted once or twice in a week.


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